LADWP customers set record for water conservation in July

LADWP customers achieved an 11% reduction in water usage in July, a record for any July on record for Los Angeles, spurred by utility rebates.

The Southwest is bone dry. Now, a key water source is at risk

7 states have less than 60 days to cut a deal to dramatically reduce their consumption of water from the dangerously low Colorado River.

Major water cutbacks loom as Colorado River reservoirs shrink

Major water cuts will be necessary next year to reduce risks of supplies reaching perilously low levels, a top federal water official said Tuesday.

LADWP expands water conservation rebates

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is expanding several rebate programs, including commercial rebates for free low-flush toilets.

Southern California prepared for drought with Metropolitan investments in storage, conservation, diverse supplies

State snow survey tomorrow expected to further illustrate critical drought conditions Despite critically dry conditions across the state, Southern California can count on a reliable water supply thanks to residents’ enduring conservation efforts and the Metropolitan Water District’s investments in storage and diverse supplies, agency officials announced today in advance of tomorrow’s state snow survey. […]

UC Davis, LADWP collaborate on energy-water conservation study

Findings show saving water saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Conserving water goes beyond just saving water; it plays a vital role in conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). This is one of the main conclusions of a study conducted by UC Davis in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Water and […]